Facial Aesthetics Treatments

Dr Ishan Malhotra BDS (BRIS)

Website www.gentledentalcare4u.co.uk
Telephone 0118 942 4000 or 0118 945 2900
Email info@totalhealthreading.co.uk

  • Fine Lines & Wrinkle Reduction
  • Dermal Fillers
  • Lip Enhancement

Conditions and the treatments we can provide:

Injections for Lines and Wrinkles

Injections are used for facial line softening of the upper half of the face, crow’s feet ie forehead and the frown lines found between the eyes. It can also be used for preventing excessive perspiration . (prices from £150)

Deep Wrinkles and Facial Contours

Skin fillers are used to fill deep folds, particularly between the nose and corners of the mouth (prices from £250).
It also softens the appearance of scars.

Lip Enhancement

Lips can be made to look fuller and more rounded, giving you a more youthful appearance instantly.
Careful selection of the injection will ensure a natural look is retained.