Reading Footcare

Podiatrist – Clare-Marie Thrussell BSc(Hons) SRCh MChS

Appointments telephone number: 0118 942 4000

Clinic hours:

Monday 11am-7pm
Tuesday 9am-5pm
Fridays 9am-2pm
Alternative Saturdays 9am-1pm


 “Our aim is not only to solve your foot problems but also to clearly explain the causes, keeping your feet healthy”.

Our Podiatrist, Clare-Marie Thrussell, is qualified with a degree in Podiatric Medicine.  Clare-Marie is able to perform treatments ranging from the routine to nail surgery.  Prescription orthoses can be produced, and specialist diabetic treatment is also offered.

Our first priority is you.  Before any treatment we always take time to listen to your foot health concerns.  Safety is our primary concern, because of this we will need to know if you are on any medication or have suffered health problems.

With years of clinical experience delivering healthcare to NHS and private patients, Clare-Marie is able to offer treatments and advice designed to meet your needs.

We offer the following treatment options:

Standard treatment

Your foot health concerns will be discussed and treatment of problems such as callus and corns will be carried out.  We will be able to advise you on how to prevent further problems.  This is an ideal introductory appointment.

Biomechanical Assessment

This appointment is designed to help identify the causes of pain or discomfort in your feet, legs or lower back.  The Podiatrist will review the joints and muscles in your feet and legs, and take a closer look at how they affect the way you walk.  If necessary, bespoke insoles, semi-bespoke Orthoses or Prescription Orthoses (specially designed shoe inserts) can be manufactured to help resolve your symptoms. 


Plaster of Paris slipper casts are taken of each foot in order to produce an impression of your feet for laboratory work.  This appointment is only necessary when prescription orthoses are required.

Nail Surgery

 A solution for troublesome toenails.  Nail surgery is carried out under local anaesthetic and the whole procedure is normally performed in less than an hour.  The procedure is followed up by 3 appointments for re-dressing.

Diabetic Foot Review

A comprehensive examination of your feet, including a review of the blood supply and nerve status.  Ideal for regular monitoring of foot health.  It is recommended by Diabetes UK that if you have Diabetes you should have a foot review at least once a year.  Please note that this appointment does not include routine treatment.

Please note – we do not offer a domiciliary service.


Podiatrist – Clare-Marie Thrussell BSc(Hons) SRCh MChS
HCPC reg no CH12411

Clare-Marie is a registered member of ‘The Health and Care Professions Council’, and her professional body, The College of Podiatry (www.cop.org.uk).

Following graduation with a First Class BSc (Hons) in Podiatry in 1994, Clare-Marie worked as a Podiatrist for 7 years in the NHS, where she worked at the Royal Berkshire and Battle Hospitals in Reading and in community clinics in West Berkshire. Much of this time was spent specialising in High Risk Podiatry clinics treating patients with Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and other diseases causing foot problems.

Since entering the private sector in 2001 Clare-Marie has worked as a Podiatrist for Boots and the Warr Physiotherapy Clinics, before setting up her own practice, Reading Footcare, where a broad range of Podiatry treatments are offered.  As part of her commitment to Continuing Professional Development, Clare-Marie regularly attends courses on all aspects of Podiatry to ensure her practice is up to date with the latest research and innovations.